AVC – Action for persecuted Christians and people in need

clear words. strong actions.

Our slogan says it all: AVC is a mission and relief organization working for persecuted Christians and people in need around the world. Our commitment extends to over sixty countries on four continents.

Three focal points of work, one motivation
AVC works in the hot spot - where persecution of Christians meets spiritual as well as material needs. The motivation for our commitment is our Christian faith with its call to practical charity. Because we want to give people hope beyond material help, we make Jesus Christ known. Discover our main areas of work:


Persecution of Christians has many faces. Worldwide, well over 309 million people are discriminated, disowned, disinherited, mistreated, expelled, imprisoned, tortured or killed – simply because they want to follow Jesus and live their faith peacefully.

AVC gives these people a voice and supports them practically: courageously, resolutely, effectively.
We are convinced that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. Faith in him offers perspective and gives hope – here and now and beyond. To help holistically, we take the Gospel to the farthest corners of the world.

AVC makes Jesus Christ known. We spread the Christian message: committed, respectful, with heart.
Strong, trusting partnerships

AVC is commitment to the cooperation with local partners, churches, and organizations, because they know the situation, language and culture, the possibilities, opportunities and dangers in their country. This way our help gets very efficient and effective.

Help that lasts - even in a crisis
Another big plus: Our local employees can stay in the country and continue to help, even when foreign organizations have long since had to call back their teams in war or disaster situations. Examples include Syria, South Sudan and Covid aid. In addition, if necessary, we continue our projects even after the international camera teams have left and the world's attention has long since shifted elsewhere.

Stronger together
Then, now and in the future, one thing is clear: without a whole range of valuable partnerships, our work would never be possible on this scale. We are grateful for energetic partners. In this way, our shared vision becomes a new reality every day.

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