Christian virtel reduced to rubble



On August 16, a spiked mob roamed through a Christian neighborhood in Jaranwala, Punjab state. Armed with iron bars and knives, it rampaged unhindered by police.

More than 500 private homes and 25 churches were looted and set on fire, and the Christian cemetery was desecrated. Hundreds of Christians and their families fled. The attackers also burned all the Bibles they could lay their hands on. The scale of the destruction is horrific.

The attacks were triggered by blasphemy allegations against three Christians for desecrating the Koran. Incited by Islamic clerics, the mob was unstoppable.

Our long-time partner in Pakistan was on the ground with a team. They identified the most urgent needs for cots, mattresses, blankets, food, water, dishes, etc. First aid has already been provided.

Hundreds of Christians have lost everything. Their belongings have fallen prey to the flames, but their faith stands firm. AVC stands just as firmly by their side and will continue to support them actively and financially. Please help by making a donation and above all pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Donation account of AVC: IBAN DE39 5066 1639 0007 0013 12, reason for payment: Pakistan burned down Christian quarter

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