The famous monumental buildings of Peru's past civilizations are in ruins. Today, the country no longer shows much of its former splendor. Hopes for a bright future rest on the next generation. There is compulsory schooling in Peru. But the public education system is inadequate and lacking. That is why we have built a school in the pampas, the desert near Ilo.
Founding and running a school for about 500 kids in the pampas of Ilo
Founding and running a school for about 500 kids in the pampas of Ilo
Founding of a Christian community
Founding of a Christian community
Capital: Lima
Area: 1 285 216 km2
Population: 31,9 Mio.
Life expectancy: 74,7 years
Children mortality: 16,7 (per 1000)
Alphabetization: 94,4 %
Religions: 60 % Catholics, 14,6 % Evangelicals and other Christians, 25,4 % other/no Religion

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AVC International is active in around 60 countries worldwide, AVC Switzerland in 49 of them. All of these countries have one thing in common: they are afflicted by war, natural disasters, hunger, persecution, material and spiritual poverty or, even worse, a whole range of the above-mentioned hardships. Wherever possible, AVC invests itself wholeheartedly in the needy, lost and forgotten people of this world.

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We bring about holistic and lasting change in the lives of people in need through material aid, emotional support and spiritual guidance. Close cooperation with local partners enables us to help in a targeted, efficient and culturally sensitive way where the need is greatest - even in inaccessible countries or regions.

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